At Ignify CrossFit we strive to create a community of growth-minded individuals who can thrive together – not only in a physical setting, but in all aspects of life including nutrition, relationships, fitness, recovery, and mindset.

The resources available to achieve excellence in all these domains can be confusing and contradicting and we identify with the fact that your time is valuable and often used to navigate the day to day urgencies of family and work life. 

If you are someone who wants to thrive in all aspects of health, both inside and outside the gym, Ignify CrossFit will provide the tools and support you need to set and achieve the goals you have for your life.


We’re conveniently located in Riversands Outlet Park , Fourways, Gauteng. Accessible along Riversand Boulevard by bike, foot, or car (we’ve got lots of parking), we’re never far away. We’ve got outdoor space and a nearby farm for those workouts that take you outside or on a long run.


Our CrossFit community unites individuals from all backgrounds and fitness levels. We offer Fundamentals for newcomers, group classes and personal training that uses the CrossFit methodology. CrossFit is based upon constantly varied, functional movements that are executed at a relatively high intensity (think pushing, pulling, squatting, lifting and running). For those interested in starting CrossFit, all movements and weights are tailored based on ability.


Our gym is filled with barbells, plates, kettlebells and dumbbells. We have pull up bars, stacked wooden boxes and adequate space to use these tools to become better every day.




I am Jeannie.  I am a dietitian by profession and infinitely passionate about CrossFit and the new dimension it has brought to every part of my life.  Coach Lee introduced me to CrossFit in 2017 after the birth of my first baby and through it I have discovered a passion for helping others to improve and empower themselves.

If you have any questions about nutrition, training during and after pregnancy or lifestyle support in general, I am available to help.

I am Helene.

I am 61 years old and a medical doctor – not practicing at this stage. I started my 

journey with CrossFit

in May 2019 and am enjoying

every moment of it.  

If you have any administrative questions or questions regarding your membership or our facility,

I am the person to speak to.

I am Coach Lee.

I started CrossFit in 2014. It changed my life in more than just a physical way, which is why I decided to focus on learning and growing within the fitness space. I became a coach and a part owner of our sister box (6th Element CrossFit) in 2016.

I am really passionate about empowering people to live with intention so that they can Grow, Thrive and Give.

If you’d like to chat about training, mindset or life in general, I am always available for a chat.



082 321 7288

Riversands Outlet Park Building 6 Unit 3
Riversands Boulevard
Fourways, Gauteng 2191
South Africa